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Lost in The Crowd

11 years ago, me and my parents went to animal festival. In there, we could see some cute animals. There's a lot of people who want to bought something and make a journal. Some rare animals shows in the special stage such as dragon lizard and a giant turtle. I'm too excited to watch dragon lizard running around with the toys and giant turtle swimming around and plays with the flower until i realized i was separated from my parents :'(. I was 4 years old back then and I'm too small to look after my parents. Other people are tall like skyscraper and they're so big like a car.

             With my limited energy, i was searched in many section. I was too scared to asked people because i always think that tall people are always evil except my parents. I was tired and sat on the chair and tried to calm. My mind was blank and i don't know what to do again. I was thinking what would happen if i couldn't searched my parent until 100 years. I will be dea…

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