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" Let's go to some universities stands!!!" is the first word we say it after we're eating some foods. Edupassion is an event to know about some universities you want to go (example : ITB). You can ask them, learn about them and also you can test your interest for the next university you want to go. There also some courses stands to help you find your interest. You can also get some rewards if you go to certain stands ( if you go to Daniel Course stand, you will get a math/biology/chemistry book).
         There also stands that sells some foods like Takoyaki, Ice Cream, Rice box. It a little bit expensive (cuz its their strategy to get some advantages, so...why not?) but it really tasty. I recommend you to taste all of them and especially charcoal ice cream.
         After you grab some foods, you can sit and listen to some motivational words. It will motivated you to be confident to your skills and ready to learned something new in your favourite universit…

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